Trail Tips
Trail Tips


Make sure your fitness level is up to the job! The cycling is not demanding, but each day will see you in the saddle for up to four hours, so be prepared.


Take plenty of water with you. Replenish with commercially bottled water at the overnight locations or simply refill bottles from the quality tap water.


Wear a helmet and take bike repair tools and a puncture repair kit with you on the trail.

Mobile Coverage

Remember that there are quite a few areas with weak or no telephone signal, so your mobile phone will not always be useable.


Dress for all seasons in one day.

First Aid

Take a First Aid kit with you and remember that access to emergency services will not always be simple or quick.

Sunscreen and repellent

Take sunscreen and insect repellent with you and apply both as required.


Carry cash because ATM machines can be few and far between and not all businesses are equipped for card transactions.


Take all of your rubbish with you: leave nothing but a tyre-track behind.


Leave gates as you find them and don't disturb livestock.

No Dogs

Please leave your dog at home! Dogs are not allowed on the trail because of the danger posed to wildlife.


Take a trail map with you, which you can download here.


Ensure your camera has full batteries and plenty of disc space.


Don't forget to pack plenty of snacks to nibble on.

Large Groups

Ring i-Sites if you have a large group for accommodation and meal ideas

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