Accessibility Information
Accessibility Information

General Accessibility

There are two areas riders with hand-cycles, buggies, wider bikes and carriers should be aware of before setting out. You may need to organise assistance or avoid these sections. Their locations are indicated below:

Lake Kaniere Water Race – This section contains a curved bridge that is difficult to negotiate. If you need to bypass this please use the road section and enter/re-enter the trail at either Wards Road or the Milltown Road turnoff (pending the direction you are travelling. New bridge options are being considered.

Kawhaka Intake Gantry Bridge – This bridge is 905mm wide. There is no alternative route directly around it. You can however enter and exit the trail via the Old Christchurch Road in the north and Milltown Road north of Cowboy Paradise to avoid this if you don't think you will fit through it.

The trail is a wonderful asset and we want to make it as accessible as we can for all to enjoy as much of the experience as possible. If you require any further information on access on the trail or are aware of these types of issues anywhere else on the trail please email

Tips for those who are blind and looking to ride the trail.

Yes, this is fine and has been completed relatively easily on a tandem bike. The main things to watch out for are:

  • A number of bridges and boardwalks with no side rails, the most prominent ones in the Mahinapua Creek section.
  • A couple of curved bridges in the Kaniere Water Race section. (photo above)
  • Places where the trail is narrower and care must be taken when stepping off the bike not to step out over the edge. These are mainly through the Kaniere water and stretch between Kawaka and Cowboy Paradise.

If you are considering this please contact the Trail Manager on and we can give more detailed advice the connect you with someone who is blind who as has ridden it.

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