Cyclist's Code
Cyclist's Code

Respect others

  • Stay in control, so you can safely avoid other users and keep yourself intact.
  • Give way to walkers and you will help foster a positive attitude towards bikers.
  • Use a bell or friendly greeting when approaching other users, to let them know you're there.
  • Ride shared-use tracks in small groups (6-8 or less) so as not to displace other users.
  • Be patient behind slower riders and pull over where practical to let faster riders pass.

Courtesy works – a wave and a smile to other road users will help foster a more positive attitude to cyclists.

Respect the rules

  • Ride only where permitted – keep off closed tracks, including those that are seasonally closed to protect the surface or minimise conflict with other users.
  • Check whether you need to obtain permission from private landowners before you set out (no permission is needed on the West Coast Wilderness Trail).
  • Be prepared (take food, water, tools, first aid and warm clothes) and plan for the unexpected (a change in the weather, an accident or getting lost).
  • Leave gates as you find them – either open or closed to keep stock where they are intended to be.

Respect the track

  • Don't skid, cut corners or make new lines. Skidding creates water channels that cause erosion (use both brakes to slow down as you approach corners). Cutting corners is cheating and damages fragile ecosystems.
  • Avoid riding in the mud and rain. Both bikes and walkers damage soft, wet tracks.
  • Take your rubbish home - leave only tyre prints.
  • Clean your bike to prevent spreading weeds.
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