Wild West Town Day 3
Kapitea Reservoir Day 2
A cycle experience like no other
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Incredible Scenery

Rugged shorelines. Surging rivers. Moody lakes. Towering trees. Ancient forests. Tidal Lagoons... Get lost, find yourself, go wild.

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Smooth Trails

No one likes a bumpy bottom. And on these flat, even trails you can sit back, relax and just soak up the scenery. Or speeeeed along, giggling and squealing excitedly. We won't tell.

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Eateries and fine dining

With crafty cafes and first-rate restaurants, there's no shortage of tasty fodder for weary-legged cyclists. Tuck in like the Coaster you've become! All in the name of "good sustenance", of course.

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Loads to do

Swim, surf, shop, explore, fish, hunt, chat, walk or choose an adventure activity for an off-track adrenaline rush. Yep - this place has got the whole shebang.

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Flora and Fauna

The West Coast is home to some of the cheekiest, cutest, most mischievous creatures you'll ever meet. Not to mention some awesome wildlife. And don't even get us started on the native ferns and 'fabulous foliage'

Taramakau Bridge - West Coast Wilderness Trail
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History abounds

Discover the tales of the past, stay in award-winning historic accommodation, and prepare to spin a yarn or two of your own. New trail. Historical sites. Cracking stuff!

The Trail

You've probably heard some wild tales about the Coast - of rugged shorelines, intrepid journeys, sordid stories, hidden treasures… But as the Coasters will be first to tell you, "You dunno the half of it…"

Now's the time to discover the last of the wild places and spin a yarn or two of your own, with one of the country's smoothest and most accessible cycle trails. Some sections of the trail are still under construction plus a couple of sections have one or two hills that may require a little more 'oomph'!

On your trusty bike you'll wind your way through ancient rainforests, along glacial rivers, around moody lakes and across some downright cracking wetlands. You can do it all at once - across four days - or just nab the odd day-trip. Either way, it's a fairly spectacular way to journey from the Alps to the sea.

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News and Events
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The West Coast Wilderness Trail Trust has been established to work independently alongside trail owners, the Grey and Westland District Councils, to promote, develop and manage the trail. The role also involves liaising with local communities and businesses to grow the support for and benefit from the trail. The Trust is not involved in the maintenance of the trail. This remains the responsibility of the trail owners. A trail manager is to be appointed by trustees shortly. Contributions to assist with management and marketing are welcomed.

Contributions to the maintenance and further development of the West Coast Wilderness Trail can be sent to: West Coast Wilderness Trail, c/o Diane Maitland, Westland District Council, Private Bag 704, Hokitika 7842


If you are thinking about basing a commercial activity on the Wilderness Trail, such as guiding trips or running an event, that's great!

Over 20% of our Trail is on stunning public conservation land, managed by DOC.

Early on in your planning contact our local DOC office to find out about what permission (called a concession) you need to use the Trail commercially, or follow this link

http://www.doc.govt.nz/about-doc/concessions-and-permits/concessions/ to explore the concessions process.

DOC Hokitika, phone 03 756 9100 - Email permissionshokitika@doc.govt.nz