Ride the Wilderness
Ride the Wilderness

Ride the Wilderness is the first official cycling event on the trail. Being held on Saturday 18 November 2017, this is a great opportunity to see the West Coast beauty. Four events, lots of categories:

  • Ross to Greymouth - 131km
  • Hokitika to Greymouth - 100km
  • Cowboy Paradise to Greymouth - 64km
  • Kumara to Greymouth - 26km
  • For more info, and to enter visit: www.ridethewilderness.co.nz


    Ride the Wilderness startS at Ross at 8:00am and travels through to Greymouth with a cut off point at 4:00pm at Greymouth.

    On the day, there will be 4 events with the following start times that will see numerous cyclists on the trail heading North in what may be a fast pace. All riders on the trail will need to be mindful of this event and the location start times and estimated through times of each location.

    Start times:

    Ross to Greymouth start 8:00am

    Hokitika to Greymouth start time 9:00am

    Cowboy Paradise to Greymouth start time 10:00am

    Kumara to Greymouth start time 11:00am

    We're anticipating 600+ riders on the day being on the trail and could be upward of 1,000.

    Key points of note will be that riders will be heading north on the day and to be aware of the event and the likely number of riders coming towards them in these times and destinations.

    We anticipate all riders to be through the following destinations in the following times:

    Hokitika by 9:30am

    Cowboy Paradise 11:30am

    Kumara 2:30pm

    Greymouth cut off is 4:00pm

    If you have tours or people looking to ride south it may pay to wait until the estimated times of riders getting though the various points.

    If you're driving out of Cowboy Paradise we ask that this be left until after 11:15am as there will be 3-400 riders coming in up the valley between 9:15 and 11:15am.

    For more information please go to www.ridethewilderness.co.nz

    Thank you

    John Moore

    Race Director

    Ride the Wilderness

    CJM'S Events Limited

    027 2267769

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